Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Network Outage

Looks like we've been disconnected since 8:02pm PST. Speakeasy status hotline reports, "We are experiencing a problem with the DS3 servicing QWest-partnered customers in the Seattle area."
No ETA on a fix, yet.

Update: (10:27pm PST)
"After remote troubleshooting, a technician has been dispatched to the Central Office. ETA for arrival is 1 hour."
Still no ETA for repair.

Update: (Thu. 1:55am PST)
"Outage issue has been isolated and repair has been implemented at this time." I suppose it won't be too long now, but they're still not giving an ETA.

Update: (Thu. 2:40am PST)
Heyhey, we have ping. And I see people connecting again. Yay.

Bedtime pour moi.