Tuesday, August 01, 2006

line problems

For the past few hours, we've been getting lots of packet lossage (70-90%). DSL signal would keep dropping, come back up, last for about 10 seconds, then drop again; wash, rinse repeat. Speakeasy talked to Qwest and they poked around for a bit, and suddenly things are fine again.

But they're still a bit mystified, so sometime tomorrow a tech is coming out to check the line. We'll see what happens.

Update (8/2): tech didn't find any problems between service panel and central office, but did notice that the green circuit (internal line where the DSL modem was living) was "off hook" (which isn't supposed to actually affect DSL signals, but does mean that somewhere on that line, there's a at least a short and perhaps other badness as well). So now the DSL modem is on the brown circuit, which is arguably a better place for it anyway, seeing as way fewer jacks connect to that one.