Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Box (was: Light at the end of the tunnel.)

so having endured a few weeks of not being able to stay up for more than about 3 days at a time and still not a whole lot closer to figuring out what's really going wrong -- best guess at this point seems to have to do with the way it just completely freezes up and dies when the mail server gets heavily loaded, which suggests that maybe that overheating problem that Jay and I were worried about lo these many years ago is now finally biting us, i.e., one of the processors is getting too hot and misbehaving.

And since 'alberich' (server box) is now nearly 8 years old and doesn't owe me anything, it's not clear that this is worth trying to fix. So...

NEW BOX; just picked it up today.
Introducing 'hagen', Intel Core i3, quad-core, 3.2GHz, 6GB of memory.

Debian install is proceeding apace. The only small problem is
I have to get on a plane in about 6 hours. This may actually be enough time.

But if not, then we're stuck on alberich for another 5 days, in which case freezeups leading to multi-hour outages will remain possible...

Update (6:30am): and DONE! or at least the LambdaMOO part of it has been successfully moved over and is now running on the new box, and it looks like people are able to get to it. Enjoy.

Other services (notably the website and mailing lists)
are still on alberich, will have to wait until I get back, and may possibly go down.