Friday, May 10, 2013

Upgrading to wheezy (Debian 7.0)

I decided to start the upgrade after all. And it looks like I need to do a couple of reboots in the process, so I think I'll just bring Lambda back up when I'm done. ETA 7am (PDT) ?

Update: Well okay, make that 6:10am PDT. We booted successfully with the new kernel. The rest of the upgrade is evidently going to take another 3 hours and since I don't want to be putting you all through withdrawal, the server is back up -- and it's possible I won't actually need to reboot at the end of this anyway, so... enjoy. If we go down again, it'll be around 9-10am, if not then yay.

UpdateUpdate: Did I say 9-10? I meant more like 10-12noon. Sorry. Anyway, it's done; I even got in one more reboot at the end to make sure everything is in a known state, so hopefully we're done with this for a while. @version has been suitably updated.