Monday, October 31, 2005

DSL is down - no joy

When I woke up this morning all of the machines had rebooted. However my alarm clock, which goes blinky even if the power is out for just a few seconds, was steady. so I'm guessing something wonky happened with the UPS -- it seems to be fine now, but I'm still disturbed.

Been on the phone with speakeasy. No network issues on their end. On my end, even with a laptop plugged straight into the DSL modem plugged straight into the wall, there's still no ping, even though the DSL light is showing green. QWest apparently tried rebooting the dslam and still no dice.

So nobody has any clue what's wrong apart from the possibility that modems apparently can fail in strange and unfathomable ways and still show green lights.
They're sending out a new modem which should arrive tomorrow morning.

Meaning we're off the air at least until then.

Update 1:47pm:  Well, well. Looks like they found something to fix after all. We are back up.