Wednesday, December 13, 2006

windy today

So we had two (2) power failures in rapid succession: 1:47pm (PST) for about 7 minutes, then things were up for 6 minutes (but no net) and then back out again at 2:00pm and stayed out for another 9 minutes. (the combined outages would most likely have toasted the UPS if we still had UPS, though, yes, I should still do something about that...)

The fun part is that after the first power failure, alberich's clock went to 9:56pm. Apparently, the BIOS is now indeed on UTC (as intended) but something in OS Land wasn't expecting that. And of course, LambdaMOO dutifully started up 8 hours in the future, though the external network was down, so nobody got a chance to get in and look at tomorrow's newspapers or anything.

Then the second power failure hit and killed it before it could checkpoint. On the 2nd reboot, the OS finally got its act together and set the clock correctly. So none of that ever happened and we dodged a small bullet, at least as far as LambdaMOO is concerned (and with UPS we'd have only gone down once and then things would have stayed confused. so see? it's good that we didn't have UPS! ...)

Admittedly, other daemons on alberich may well be confused for the rest of the day, but hopefully they'll cope (if not, then you'll be hearing yet more about this,... whee...)