Thursday, March 19, 2009

upgrade complete, sort of

and I managed to do it with just one reboot.

Well okay, that's sort of a lie because I'm thinking now might be the right time to switch over to Grub (what with all of the Debian docs saying "WTF? You're still using LILO? .. well let's just say you probably won't want to be by the time 6.0 comes out..."). So there are probably a few more reboots in the cards if I go through with that.

But not until I finish picking up the other pieces that are a bit more urgent --- funny how it's never what you expect is going to be difficult (short story: none of the horrible things that the debian docs were predicting for the reboot -- in particular, the possible arbitrary renaming of disk devices that would make it difficult to find the root directory, LILO getting blown out of the water by a too-large kernel image, and about 10 other fun possibilities -- came to pass -- knock wood). Instead it's various annoying changes to the mailserver config. And I get to figure out why X doesn't work anymore. La la la... Not Your Problem, as they say (and figure that'll keep me out of trouble for at least a day or two while y'all can get back to MOOing...)