Thursday, June 02, 2011

Getting settled in

and the mail server is moved over. Next up: websites.

-20 to Gateway for making the power button insanely accessible; far too easy to press accidentally whilst one is leaning over the machine messing with the cables in the back -- the source of today's brief outage.

Seriously, what were they thinking here? I.e., why would you ever need to be able to get to a power button quickly? ("Captain! The warp core is about to blow!" "Commence EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN now before it's too late!!" and then everybody dies as the helmsman tries to get the childproof cover off of the... yeah, right).

I really hope there's a way to disable this in software...

In other news, ext3 filesystems are the best thing since sliced bread.

Update (Saturday 11:59pm):  Done moving the database server and the web server (including the old ftp site content). Which means everything of note is on 'hagen' now. Yay.