Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Surviving so far on temporary phone line

Realizing that I should have split the last post since the current state of the world is that the DSL line is up and LambdaMOO is accessible, the only remaining problem being that it's this weird-ass temporary phone line strung off of our neighbor's house and at some point the real phone line needs to be fixed, at which point there will be a (hopefully brief) interruption to switch the phone service back.

This morning the gas guys were back at work. Apparently they did try to call in the break but they thought it was a cable-TV line and so weren't getting much luck with the cable company. Turns out if we'd had the wherewithal to notice that the plate covering the hole where they were digging in the lawn was in fact a wooden panel rather than a steel plate like they were using out in the road, we'd have been able to lift it out of the way on Saturday and the phone tech could have fixed it then, because the break was right there. Oh well. Anyway, the ball's in their court now.

As of this afternoon there's now a second hole in the lawn a few feet away. Meaning they found the water main and managed not to break it (thus far).