Friday, September 26, 2014

CenturyLink order placed

After much waffling, I decided to go with CenturyLink on the theory that they will be less evil than Comcast.  The order has been placed.  It'll be a business grade line 12M/2M; fibre to the curb; VDSL2 to the house.  Only took 14 years to get the upgrade from 1.5M/784K.  Yay.

I'm guessing the massive speed increase won't affect LambdaMOO much except in that you'll be less impacted when William decides to download yet another Roblox thingie.

Technician is arriving Tuesday (9/30) to install.  Assuming everything works and the subsequent ordering of static-IPs turns out to be as painless as claimed, then, sometime in the next day or so when those are activated and I have the reconfigured firewall ready to go, we'll switch things over, which will hopefully be a brief interruption in service as your DNS entries expire -- all new IPs for everything.