Thursday, October 16, 2014

Held Order Hell

Update (Friday, 10/10):  Called them again today to escalate.  They're now saying "24-48 hours")

Update (Wednesday, 10/15):  Called again today to escalate me harder.  Turns out that the Field Director responsible for my area has been on vacation since the 5th; I now have the number of the guy who's subbing.  Supposed to call back tomorrow.)

Update (Thursday, 10/16):  Wash, rinse, repeat.

C'mon guys, just get Something up.  Do a temp line or DSL over Dixie cups on a string until you can get the permits or whatever it is that's holding up the digging.

Are you really going to make me call Comcast?

Update (Friday, 10/17):  Field Director for my area is back from vacation on Monday, and I have his cellphone number.
Update (Monday, 10/20):  Field Director Guy is now back from vacation and I got through to him. He apparently has a pile of crap to dig through.
Update (Tuesday, 10/20):  Field Director Guy thought that the Buried Wired People were going to be stopping by this morning. He tries to get through to them again and apparently fails.