Wednesday, October 22, 2014

They're coming tomorrow.

The digging contractor has evidently gone radio silent and the Field Director Guy has given up on them for the time being. He now agrees that getting me a temporary line is the top priority. And we have a firm appointment for tomorrow morning.

The neighbors have available copper (they've completely switched to cable for everything including phone) and are fine with us using it, so the plan is to do what we did in July, rigging a temporary line across the back yard. And then I'll have service while the Buried Wire People are getting their shit together.

At which point it then becomes a race between Centurylink getting the static IPs provisioned and Megapath cutting off my old service (expected Friday but might possibly happen sooner, because howler monkeys).

 Update (Thursday 10/23, 4pm):  So the tech came, and was able to rig up the temporary line and get it as far as my box.  That's the good news.

The bad news is that there's evidently nothing to put on it yet, because the circuit still needs to be provisioned (I mean, WTFF???).  That part is now supposed to happen tomorrow morning.  So....

They're coming tomorrow!  (First thing in the morning, apparently; never mind that it was supposed to be first thing in the morning, today.  Bleah.)