Thursday, October 23, 2014


 Update (Thursday 10/23, 5:20pm):  Decided to call Megapath to see exactly when the 16-ton weight is going to fall.

You'll notice it's over an hour later than the last update, nearly all of that intervening time talking to and being on hold with the folks in the Service-Changes Department, figuring there'd be an open ticket there to do the disconnection and so they'd know.

After a few rounds of  "So when would you like to be disconnected?" "NO, I'm trying to find out what the current order actually is; I don't want to place a new one!"  I suspected my American accent might causing confusion.  And of course there's no information whatsoever, that they apparently need to talk to a Disconnection Department that's only open from 1-5pm MST (WTF?  Did I mention how this company was reorganized by howler monkeys?), so I'd have to call back tomorrow during those hours to do whatever it was that I wanted.  Then someone with an accent more like my own cuts in, figured out what it was I actually wanted ("Oh, you're legacy Speakeasy; yeah, we're upgrading all of that, but there's no information on your account.  Weird."), and then she promised to look into it and call me back tomorrow.

And then, "How about if I just call Tech Support? Presumably, if it's going to happen, they're the ones who are doing it, and so they'll have access to all of the work orders?"

"Yeah, that's probably worth a try, too."

I call Tech Support.  Three or four sentences later:
"You're scheduled to be disconnected on the 31st."

So, yay; we have a week longer than I thought we did.