Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bad weather, No biscuit.

And so of course we get hit with the storm (or at least it's been raining rather heavily today), or something.  Whatever it is, the phone line is now out.  Templine still looks physically ok (i.e., nothing has fallen on it), but there are lots of raindrops hanging off it and evidently something is shorted somewhere.

And it's going to be several hours (minimum) before I can do anything about this (and likewise for getting a CL repair crew here before Monday).  Bleah...

Update (11:30 pm):  And of course, we get home and now the power is out.  And it looks like a fairly large area, too: roughly half of Mercer Island, large chunks of Bellevue, etc.  Lots of debris scattered about.  Nothing like 2007 but I suspect they'll still be a while fixing it all.

In other news, the CenturyLink repair appointment is for Tuesday; we'll see if they can keep that one.

Update (7:00 am, Sunday):  "Nothing like 2007" is probably one of those phrases I should excise from my vocabulary.  In case you were wondering, this means there are only about 100,000 people without power, with outages stretching all the way from North Bend to Olympia, but north King County appears to be ground zero.  Puget Sound Energy's assessment for our neighborhood seems to be something along the lines of "crews dispatched, still figuring shit out..."