Friday, October 31, 2014

Moved to new IP

We are now up at the new IP.  Still need to get the websites/etc moved and there are still annoyances on the new firewall that need to be addressed.  From your end, the miracle of DNS should take of everything and you should be able to just reconnect, but in case your DNS cache is as badly behaved as the one at xenon, feel free to try either or directly (ooo, looks like 3 people have connected in the time it took me to write this, so this is all apparently working...).

In other news, one of the Burial Service People stopped by yesterday.  They need to mark stuff up and may also need to get permits to tunnel under the neighbor's driveway, but we worked out a plan and that's all supposed to be happening for real next week some time.  We'll see.  Guy also randomly decided to replace one of the splices on the current line that was apparently filled with algae (things that happen with 40+year-old lines)

Update (7pm):  Ok, websites and pretty much everything else that matters are now back at various new IPs all in the 209 world.

Update (2am):  And now I understand why xenon's cache was behaving badly.  Evidently registrar glue A records (what you need if you have with nameservice coming out of can take a long time to expire -- I'm seeing lifetimes on the order of a week. Fortunately for lambda, being a (grand)subdomain under, which isn't moving, the glue is a a couple of levels down from where it usually is, and, thus, already taken care of.  But this is an issue for some of my other domains.