Monday, October 27, 2014

Power is back, Oldnet is back, Newnet is up, IP Switchover imminent

Power was restored this morning.  And somewhere around 11am, CenturyLink tech shows up (a whole day early) to fix the templine.  Which he did.  Problem turned out to be a short (inside the house — adding to my list of People to Kill whoever it was who installed our phone wiring back in 1971; there's no patch panel or anything; it's just a big spaghetti cluster of wire and you're Just Supposed to Know which color goes where, and apparently I pinched something when closing up the panel Saturday afternoon right before the storm…)

So now I have both networks and we're back to Plan A of continuing to run on the old IPs, with the intent of doing a graceful switchover to the new IPs as soon as I finish configuring stuff and I know I can push things to all of my secondaries.

Most likely this will be tonight sometime in the wee hours.

And then we'll be DONE until the Buried Service People return from the dead to put in my Actual New Line that I was supposed to get three weeks ago.